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I'm a Senior Software Engineer with over 8 years of professional experience building websites from start to finish and 3 years leading engineering teams.

screenshot of Plume website


three sites in one

This project was the migration of a WordPress and WooCommerce site into a redesigned, easy-to-use, and highly customizeable CMS solution with a headless Shopify integration.

They now have further control on the look and layout of each custom block like choosing a theme other than what's already selected for the page, updating margins, choosing backgrounds, selecting button styles, and more.

The goal was to be fully customizable while also sticking to brand guidelines and having a consistent look and feel within themes.

screenshot of Pixite website


simply in motion

This group of creators and artists wanted a clean and simple website that could showcase their artistic apps and the art you could create in them. They also wanted to have the website feel alive and include movement as the user navigated throughout their site.

We utilized CSS animations where we could to help minimize JavaScript bloating and allow for smoother animations. Since this was a WordPress site, I built custom APIs to return only the information you needed since WordPress's built-in API tended to return too much data while also missing important field values.

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